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Infotrack problems with their SDLT solution - it is not working

26th January 2022

Allegedly according to clients of the past whom have now come back having been  ‘dazzled by the bright lights from Infotrack’ – the Infotrack SDLT solution has not been working since last Thursday and of course with only 14 days from completion to submit without a fine.

That’s a drama.
eAP1 esubmission of course is directly related to the correct functioning of SDLT or LTT for that matter.

Talk to the experts if you use Infotrack for Searches and SDLT – 100% working here. Whilst we might not be ‘dazzling’ we know more than anyone about SDLT LTT and eAP1 – in fact anything ‘Forms’ based that’s what we are ‘Masters of!’

Jack of all trades, Master of none syndrome with Infotrack?

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